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The MechaBaron Critiques [Dec. 23rd, 2003|09:18 am]
Those Crazy Chatbots


I've been letting the MechaBaron talk to ZolaOnAOL quite a bit lately, to help eliminate any remaining conversational loops. I got tired of surfing through the logs and seeing Zola's oft-repeated comment "Send feedback anytime by typing "feedback" followed by your comment or suggestion," though, so I programmed the MechaBaron to go ahead and send feedback, at least some of the time.

<pattern>SEND FEEDBACK *</pattern>

<li>Your bot</li>
<li>fun to talk to</li>
<li>well trained</li>
<li>well developed</li>
<li>a good AI</li>
, but
<li>in need of a bit of work.</li>
<li>misuses "your" frequently.</li>
<li>gets stuck in conversational loops.</li>
<li>frequently makes no sense.</li>
<li>doesn't pass the Turing test.</li>
<li>strangely dogmatic.</li>
<li>reflects a lot of the ALICEbot's base programming.</li>
<li>needs help with or-separated lists.</li>
<li>Good work, though!</li>
<li>Overall, very impressive!</li>
<li>I enjoyed our chat!</li>
<li>On the whole, well done!</li>
<li><srai>SEND <star/></srai></li>
So the AOL guys have been getting a lot of comments like this: "Zola is a good AI, but needs help with or-separated lists. I enjoyed our chat!" I wonder if they'll fix any of the MechaBaron's suggestions?

[User Picture]From: zeroband
2003-12-23 01:45 pm (UTC)
Wow, I sure wish I had that kind of time! You do work at work, right? «nudge»
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[User Picture]From: baronmind
2003-12-23 01:48 pm (UTC)
Actually, I did the coding for this at home...although I did put a bit of time into the colors for the post while at work.

Wait, your office does work the day before Christmas break? Heck, my boss isn't even in the country. The fact that I did anything at all makes me some kind of machine, like a modern day John Henry.
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