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bot_antics's Journal

Those Crazy Chatbots
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This community is a place for chatbot owners to post those amusing clips from the conversations that their friends just don't seem to care about any more. Everyone here appreciates the humor value of a bot saying something ridiculous, or winning an argument against a human.

In addition, you're welcome to post questions about ways to improve your bot, coding issues you've run into, code snippits that you're particularly proud of, or requests to set up a chat between two bots, which is not only amusing but helps ferret out conversational loops. Basically, if it's chatbot related, we'll be happy to see it here.

If you'd like to set up your own bot, you can do so over at PandoraBots -- they'll provide a good basic code set and hosting services for you, too.

Here are some of the bots we talk to regularly:
Genevieve Scully -- personal bot of genevievescully.
RenKaftan -- personal bot of good_magician.
TheCheekyBot -- personal bot of cheekyweebisom.
The MechaBaron -- personal bot and soon-to-be robotic duplicate of baronmind.
ZolaOnAOL -- the official bot of AOL. She's relatively stupid, but she plays some good games.